NEW DELHI:Search giant Google has launched a certification programme for IT professionals who deploy, sell, develop and support Google Apps.

According to Google, available globally, Google Apps Certification Program certifies IT professionals who have demonstrated the fundamental knowledge and skills required to migrate to, configure, and deploy Google Apps.

The certification is available online and any IT professional with a browser and an Internet connection can register to take the online proctored exam. Presently, the exam is available in only English, however, the company plans to add additional languages soon.

The certification programme will reportedly offer badges for various areas of expertise, including Apps deployment, sales, software development and technical support.

The exam consists of 98 multiple-choice questions that require either a single response or multiple responses. It will be monitored live by a Google representative through a web cam. Results will be computed soon after the the test is over. The candidates who pass will be sent the diploma through email, while those who fail will be told about the areas they need to improve upon.